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AAEIMAA-Engineering is the most dependable partner to Architects, General Contractors, MEP Contractors, and Structural design firms around the world. We have been working successfully in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry over the past several years with our professional services.

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Dependable team

While working on BIM Modeling, we focus on improved visualization, clash identification & subsequent assistance to its resolution, constructability analysis, and much more technical functionalities. We focus on saving project costs, eliminating re-work, improving in the project timeline, and above all maintenance of as-built drawings and bills of materials.

AAEIMAA Building Information Model (BIM)

AAEIMAA BIM - Building Information Model 01


AAEIMAA BIM - Building Information Model 09


AAEIMAA BIM - Building Information Model 06


AAEIMAA BIM - Building Information Model 08



2D and 3D BIM Architectural Modeling
Structural Drawing & Drafting
MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Drafting in BIM
Construction Class Detection & Resolution through BIM
Shop Fabrication Drawing
PDF to CAD Conversion
Bill of Material (BOM) and Bill of Quantity (BOQ) – inventory
Sketch to CAD Conversion or 2D CAD to BIM Migration

A Few Competitive Advantage AAEIMAA

  • The customer support team works from Houston, Texas office (Central Time)
  • American quality with offshore pricing
  • Supported with Business Continuity Insurance
  • Non-compete agreement with customers and agencies.
  • Workmanship quality for six months post-project.

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