AAEIMAA is committed to bringing success to our customers and treating them as a partner of success.
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AAEIMAA-Engineering provides digital GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping services. GIS mapping and Map Digitization, Digital Image processing, Utility, and Location-Based services into Mapping.

AAEIMAA-Engineering is always ready to provide you with ad-hoc manpower in GIS Mapping for any size of the project. Our GIS experience is from 1992 for the North American market. With an acute shortage of skilled manpower in the GIS digitalization area in North America, AAEIMAA-Engineering aims to help its customer with a quick turnaround time on GIS projects.

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Production workforce

We bring the following commitmentS to our employees

  • Making the company an employee-owned organization. It is not just the stocks of the company distributed to employees, AAEIMAA infuses employees into management. This helps employees take care of our valued customers, and each to retain quality performers.
  • We encourage family members to be part of our company and also provide perks and benefits to family members. We make AAEIMAA an extended family outside of the biological family.
  • AAEIMAA has an employee-managed an annual performance appraisal system.
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The values we focus on our customers:

  • On-time delivery without compromising quality.
  • Two-stage Quality Control and Quality Appraisal system.
  • Deliverables come with a six-month warranty.
  • Business Liability Insurance for North American customers.
  • Honest price strategy.
On-time Delivery
Control and Quality
Business Liability
Honest Price

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